The Collection

A Special Lesson on the Lord's Prayer

Over the years Thane presented several lessons on this prayer so essential to the Christian faith. In doing so he was re-interpreting traditional - perhaps a little tired with age - lines in a way that creates an invocation of the timeless and immortal: not in a far-away heaven but right here, right now.

The online listening and dialogue group - a group of veteran students meeting in a group dynamics setting to review archive materials - took the lesson on as a project and found it very compelling.  After a lot of tender loving care spiffing up the audio it is now published on the website and available for listening.

Check it out, and leave comments below if you'd like. We're curious to know what you think about its relevance to our current age.

Down to business

We haven't been doing much to grow the collection for several months. We've managed to add Thane's stand-alone Greater Freedom lessons - the Law of the Vacuum and the Law of Assumption - which are one of the best introductions to The Prosperos instruction ever developed. These have been transitioned from a purchase model to a by-contribution model.

We have about half of the Transcendentalism series posted, and we plan to add the Ours for Discovery and The Greater Freedom (not to be confused with the stand-alone lessons mentioned above) series in the next year.

All of these are open-meeting-format lessons for which a contribution was always the only expected fee. Collectively they provide a window not only into the philosophy of Ontology which is the root of our instruction but into the work of an accomplished Teacher in the midst of his mission at a time of formidable social change - the late 60s and early 70s of the last century.

One thing we have accomplished in the meantime is to support several online courses and open up new inventory and payment options that make accounting easier and assist students by offering the kind of payment options they are used to online.
If you have suggestions, or questions, please send us a note.