A Lesson on Thane's Transcendental Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer

A Special Presentation of the Lord's Prayer and an Interpretation of It

By Thane

International Hotel, Los Angeles, California
April 15, 1964

Please take a 10-15 minute intermission


This old file has suffered from previous audio manipulation. We are still working on repairs to restore it to a more listenable condition. Some flaws:

  • It begins shortly after Thane has begun speaking; we don't know how much was lost but we believe it is minimal
  • Varying volume levels have been mostly normalized
  • Abnormal pitch has been corrected
  • A noticeable hum has been removed
  • There is a segment in Part One where Thane steps away from the microphone to make a point using a piano in the room; we have not yet completed re-engineering this and apologize for the trouble you will have hearing his words, but we are confident his point will come through quite clearly.

Enjoy this powerful lesson. You'll find a blog post on the Wireless where you can leave comments if you like.