Weave the web pathway, details

Visualize the path (Step 1)

I'm going to guide you through a short visualization to help you determine how you'll complete this exercise. This step is the same for everyone and you'll find it starting on the next page.

Play along the pathway (Step 2)

Once you send me the results of your visualization, I'll send you a short series of prompts that will ask you to reflect on the Transcendentalism Audio Lessons. You can spend as much or as little time with these questions as you like. The questions are designed to be fun and get you out of your head, which you may be in after listening to the audio lessons :)

And no! Not everyone will get the same set of questions. Your set will be determined by your response in Step 1.

Share your meaning (Step 3)

Over the course of two or three of our regular Sunday meeting calls, we'll share the path we've taken and what we saw. It might be insights, quotes, pictures, our own original poetry or that of others.

Weave the web (Step 4)

Once you send me some feedback, I'll collate it and send you back a group "web of meaning."

Interlude: Wait! You may be thinking, "Are you giving up on American Transcendentalism? Talk about false advertising!!!" No! I am not giving up on American Transcendentalism. The structure of this "Weave the Web" process is based on aspects of American Transcendentalism, such as its non-conformist orientation; contemplation (especially of beauty); and especially a practice-orientation over theory that nevertheless engages the mind and the imagination.

Rather than lecturing you on how the Transcendentalism Audio Series is grounded in American Transcendentalism, I invite you to weave a web of meaning with me by exploring Thane's Transcendentalism Audio Lessons and the signs, symbols, memories and connections that they evoke in you.