New Directions

We are again in the situation where we haven't seen a lot of growth in the archive. The process of preparing the materials is not particularly difficult, but it is exacting and takes thoughtful attention in order that the result be a product of quality.

We have been able to use this platform, however, for a very unexpected purpose: presenting monitor classes as an asynchronous experience. Our Dean, Al Haferkamp, has been experimenting with this aspect of the archive to work with some new students, and we are in the process of evaluating possibilities - from the perspective both of student experience and of Mentor development opportunities.

The archive remains an excellent resource for interested seekers to hear Thane's public presentations from the 1970s and to review his students' efforts in recent Sunday Meeting episodes.

I find that Thane's open meeting lessons convey the timeless message of the Ontological instruction remarkably well - despite being almost 50 years old - while the newer ones demonstrate a lively community continuing to explore the Ontological message and its implications for our times, which are sorely in need of a sane perspective.

In fact, these times are very much like those. We see social upheaval in our own country and around the world which looks very familiar to one who lived through the 60s and 70s. "Déjà vu all over again," as Yogi Berra put it. The Ontological message reads these social uncertainties as a call for attention to timeless, eternal realities in order to allow the birth of something new which cannot come to be within the existing structures of our societies. What is it ?

The Prosperos has always focused on "unpredictable good". While the results cannot be predicted with specificity we know that our job is to clarify the collective consciousness by clarifying the disturbing evidence around us in the light of a boundless and irrepressible wholeness which is forever pressing forth. The "how to" can be found in the lessons contained in this archive.