An old chestnut from the sales lexicon: Positive Mental Attitude. It is a pretty important asset for a sales person, but there’s a lot more to attitude than being positive or negative. Attitude determines what we see and what we don’t see. It’s very true that a person who cannot see themselves succeeding at something will have a much more difficult time than the person who can. So a lot of motivational exercises address themselves to this problem with tools like visualization and affirmations: one develops PMA.

The Prosperos takes a different approach - a different attitude about attitudes, as it were: Put yourself to the task of unlearning attitudes that are restrictive. The thesis is that perfect competence, perfect enthusiasm, perfect energy, and perfect delight are all part and parcel of our natural being. They do not have to be inculcated or created. Your effort and your energy belong to addressing the many claims of limitation, inability, bad luck, etc., etc., etc. Each of these claims is a liar.

It’s easier to spot some of these false beliefs than others. It can help to is ask yourself, “Where do I feel or see limitation, discomfort, or unhappiness?“ Every instance of limitation or dissatisfaction is concealing an attribute of the boundless. Your true identity is boundless and, being boundless, immediately available and at hand. The Law of the Vacuum and The Law of Assumption lessons on this website go into these points in much greater detail.