Discovering Eris, An Archetype of and for Our Time of Evolutionary Challenges

June 17, 2018 - Zoe Robinson, H.W., M.

Introduced by Hugh John Malanaphy

This talk is an exploration of the archetypal characteristics, themes and patterns in human experience of the mythological Goddess of Strife, Eris and will include how these themes are symbolic and significant in our current times and the necessity of their integration for working with the challenges confronting us today.

It is based on Keiron Le Grice’s book, “Discovering ERIS. The Symbolism and significance of a new planetary archetype,” published in 2012, written following the discovery in 2005 of Eris: a dwarf planet beyond Pluto.


Born and raised in England, Zoë first visited California at the age of twenty. The intended three-month visit there in the late sixties extended into decades of residency in the States, twenty of which were spent in Hawaii. In 1977, after six years, she successfully completed her mentorship/ministerial seminary training in the field of ontology with The Prosperos. In her long practice as a mentor/minister she has presented seminars and workshops, conducted one-to-one tutoring sessions and facilitated support/study groups. Her focus is to act as a facilitator to assist others to live beyond conditioned thinking and habitual emotional response patterns in an atmosphere of supportive community. Her personal aim is to open up ways, as others have done for her,  towards greater fulfillment on the path through life.

Note: The views expressed in this discussion are those held by the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views, attitudes, or positions of The Prosperos.

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