Panel Discussion : Ongoing Awakening

April 26, 2015 - Ben Gilberti, H.W., M.; Rick Thomas, H.W., m.; Michael Zonta, H.W., M.

Our panel of 3 High Watch Mentors will share personal stories about ONGOING AWAKENINGS which they each individually pursue through the use of two Prosperos tools - TRANSLATION and RELEASING the HIDDEN SPLENDOUR. Awakening is a big deal. In our ordinary identity, we each fall asleep every night and awaken every morning. But we also have a deeper identity that we are asleep to for the most part . . . until something awakens us. "You are asleep! Wake up!", said Mr. Gurdjieff.

Wise ones tell us that. . . "we see the world through the mirror of our own being." Our ordinary identity sees the world and all the things in the world (other people, objects, etc.) as separate from us. Our deeper identity recognizes the greater Truth that we are all connected and sharing ONE Energy. As you practice any skill you gain proficiency. Awakening is an ongoing process of recognizing and accepting our deeper identity AS Consciousness. Awakening is not a one time leap into sanity. It is an ongoing practice. With Prosperos tools (Translation and RHS Releasing the Hidden Splendour) you experience the doorway opening to a much deeper understanding of your True Identity and you life purpose. It is somewhat like peeling away layers of an onion. Eventually your own life begins to mirror a clarity of Being.

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